RSV, along with strep throat, Influenza/Flu, and stomach issues, are making their rounds through the school systems :( 

We have many students who are coughing, have runny noses, etc., which can also be the same symptoms of seasonal allergies. However, many of the viruses circulating, especially  RSV, can be very contagious and make students, especially our young ones, quite ill.  

We appreciate your continuous monitoring of your child(ren) by keeping them home if they have a fever or feel ill. Students need to be fever-free and showing no signs of illness, without the aid of meds, for 24 hours before returning to school. 

We LOVE when your kids are here with us, and we miss them dearly when they are out ill. We understand the toll illnesses take on families, yet we all want to ensure your child(ren) is healthy and safe.

Thank you all for your tremendous support. We are very fortunate to have such excellent parents/guardians working with us :)