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23 hours ago

Weekly packet cycle is Monday to friday, or last scheduled day of the week, for safety.

There seems to be a Facebook thread out there as to why not Monday to Monday. The reason last week was different was because we had no scheduled school for what was supposed to be prom. The reason Monday to Friday is the cycle we are currently doing on normal weeks is because on my Tuesday and Thursday weekly meetings with Department of Health and Deoartment of Education, it has been stated that the virus lives on paper from 24-48 hours, and although we feel fairly controlled and clean with the limited exposure leaving the school, once packets are out, we don't know exposure levels. We will be continuing the Monday to Friday cycle as that allows all packets to be put in loaded tubs by grade level over the weekend for everything to die off prior to our staff touching it. Staff members that pickup are gloved during the pickup process, put everything in tubs, and then wash well once done picking up. I assure you, it is more work on the school side, not less, but providing the safest environment possible is our best chance staying ahead of this thing. We appreciate that these times take flexibility, but please know that we are focused on processes that will keep ALL in the safest environment we can. The teachers are already accounting for the shortened Monday and Friday work loads in the assignments they are putting out.  There is a possibility that the packets will become all online at some point should it no longer be safe to do a route, but we are waiting until that time comes as there would be potential that would affect our ability to voluntarily provide the meals as well, and we very much value that as our way to help out already stressed families. 

Packets are to be returned on Monday of next week, and the new packets will be sent home on Monday as well.

People were a little confused by the all call that went out explaining this week's scheduling.  This is the first week for all of us, so there will be little tweaks here and there and we are NOT going take it out on the kids for sure.  Our teachers prepared packets for days Monday through Friday, and we don't want the kids to feel too overwhelmed by trying to get all the packets done and back today, so we will pick them up on Monday.  

Due to virtual school until May 1,(in building may 4) we will count april 3, 6, and 9 as school days.

Hi All, thank you for your patience during this continually changing and somewhat frustrating time.  We will get through this!

We had some events that were planned as days off of school when school was going to be in session- April 3rd (Armour Vocal Contest), April 6th (Freshman Impact), and April 9th (Glanzer Relays).  These days are going to serve as our virtual snow and flooding makeup days from the Spring.  Therefore, please plan on your child having virtual school those days.  Their instructors will tell them when they meet what the expectations for those classes will be--- whether or not they will meet virtually one or all of those days. 

Also---this week we will not be in school on Friday, so packets will be picked up on Monday of next week, the same route as the new packets being dropped off.  

Governor calls for no school until May 1,2020.

Just keep swimming friends, we can do this.  Our current plan will be continuing until May 1 at this time.  We would LOVE to have you please partake in the lunch programs - let us help you please by lightening this burden -- it does not cost the school and we would LOVE to be able to provide meals to ALL students.  If you have previously said no lunch, we just ask  that you text Andrea Powell at 605-572-0002.  We will need to make sure that we have the supplies and the ability to provide for everyone that wants it. 

Thank you for your patience and for your open communication at this time. 

Meal and Packet pickup-11-noon.

Meals are available daily.  If you have not already talked to Mrs. Powell about your meal requests, please text her with your name and whether or not you would like meals during school closure- her number is 605-572-0002.  If she has not heard from you, she will contact tomorrow directly. 

Reminder tomorrow night joint board meeting.

With everything else happening lately, it might be easy to forget we have a Joint Board Meeting for TDA Cooperative Sports tomorrow night. 

The original community meeting is canceled until further notice due to the COVID-19 impact on everyone.

To Join via phone or computer(zoom meeting) please go under the minutes/agendas on the main page and you will find the link there. 

Next week schedule and plans.

In order to try to prevent overflowing your household with constant updates, below you will find ALL the work that has been set up for next week.

*Breakfast and Lunch will continue to be available free of charge from the school at this time of closure.  Your determination for Free and Reduced DOES NOT MATTER- All meals are free for all students!

*Instructional weeks will continue to run a Monday to Friday schedule.

Elementary and Middle School Students:

----Assignments will be going out on Mondays and then will be expected to be completed/returned on Friday unless otherwise indicated by your teacher. 

----Most classes in the lower elementary will be completing their assignment requirements by utilizing paper packets.  These packets will go out on Monday with lunches, and will be returned on Friday with lunches.  Those children that are on the school bus route will have their assignments and lunches delivered.  Those that live in town, we ask that you continue to meet us at the school for your lunch pickup.  Assignments for those that do not partake in the free meals during this school closure time will have assignments delivered to their homes during the day on Mondays. There will also be a route to pick up the assignments on Fridays.

----Some classes are doing a blended learning opportunity, so please watch for communication from your child's teacher as to what resources are available to both help in the teaching of the concept, as well as provide a little more visual learning for the children. 

High School Instructions:


     - Scheduled to be a "B" day (HS).  Check your email so that you can log into the platform your teacher is using to meet with you virtually.  You will be expected to meet with your respective teachers virtually during you regularly scheduled class periods on both Monday (B day schedule) and Tuesday (A day schedule).  During these meetings, your teachers will set up with you the rest of your weekly schedule from there. 

----Virtual Meetings

     - At this time, all virtual meetings in the HS will be attendance based, therefore logging in at that time for instruction is not optional.

     -These meetings will allow teachers to "meet" with you, but know that they are always available to help in anyway that you may need, or answer any questions that you may have.

    - PARENTS AND STUDENTS check your email for information from         each teacher.


Note from the Administration:

We know that this time is less than ideal for many and we are here to make it as user-friendly as possible.  Many families may be in limbo with hourly positions that may not be able to be paid at this time, or with daycare bills/responsibilities that they were not planning for.  We appreciate all that you are doing and will keep you as updated as necessary for the operation of the school.  So far we are still looking at a closure through March 27th, but this can change very quickly, and we have no notice prior to it being released in the public.  Please have patience as we do our best to make this system as beneficial to all as we can.  We will likely need to make a few adjustments throughout this arrangement, but we thoroughly appreciate your support and flexibility. 

Do not hesitate to call/text/email should you have any questions:

Andrea Powell- (605)572-0002,

Brad Preheim- (605)770-6787,

Chareen Gerber- (605)572-0004,

Prom postponed.

Due to the recent developments with COVID-19, prom will be postponed until May 2nd. 

Drive-through sacked lunches available 11-noon.

Armour school district understands that school means more than just academics for families. We will be providing sacked lunches Monday through Wednesday this week.  We ask that you pull up or come to the game doors to pick up your lunch from 11-noon. Please do not enter the building, we will bring it to you. This is available for enrolled students only. Thank you!

Board meeting canceled

The Joint Board Meeting schedule for Monday night at 7:30PM in Tripp has been canceled. We will notify on a reschedule date when we have one.

School Decisions on Coronavirus:

This visual is a great way to see what the CDC guidance is for schools specific to COVID-19.  We will be following the guidance for all decision making procedures.  At this time, we are considered a state of "No Community Spread", so we are in the preparedness stage in our school district. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call.  

coronavirus information.

You will find a letter from the school district coming home with your child(ren) tonight. Please read it.  We highlight both what the school is doing to take precautionary steps, but also what you can do to protect yourselves at home.  Essentially, the care taken is to wash your hands thoroughly, for 20 second with soap before rinsing, and to wash often.  In addition, wipe down any surface areas that have high hand traffic with wipes.  The CDC put out that 5Tbsp. of bleach diluted to a gallon of water would work well to spray and let dry.  We will also be using our school social media platforms to provide more community health awareness and tips and tricks to staying healthy that the CDC has suggested.  Thank you! Andrea

1:00pm pep rally for lady nighthawks! 

There will be a pep rally to pump up the girls as they prepare to take on Corsica-Stickney in Round 2 of Regions tomorrow.  The pep rally begins at 1:00pm in the Armour gym.  The game tomorrow night is in Wagner at 6:30PM.  

Questions on Vote by the Board to accept the proposal from Id8.

The vote was taken on April 9, 2019 to sign the proposal from ID8. It was motioned by Hartmann and seconded by Ledeboer, motion passed unanimously. 
This was in the minutes of that meeting.

Effectiveness of current Web Page Survey.

While further looking at our communication with community, we would like feedback on our current web page.
Thank you for your time and effort in providing feedback.

School Board Meeting Action Items

Good morning everyone! It sure is brisk out there this morning! 

Last night the Armour School Board had a special school board meeting to look at the survey data and discuss the feedback.  The only item of action taken was to set the next meeting date for a full community meeting. That date was set for March 23rd, at 7:00pm.  This meeting will again be held in the gym.  

Also from the meeting, because those that attended communicated that they felt unaware of the conversation prior to the community meeting, was to find ways to promote a more inclusive and interactive conversation with our community.  The newspaper articles were not read for the last year, so we are thinking from that feedback that we need to reach out in other ways.  In that light, we will be posting here, on Facebook, and also editorials in the paper weekly to help educate our citizens on different aspects of funding and such during this process.  Also, to lay out the structure of how to give feedback, we will be doing the next community meeting on the 23rd, and then will do another survey that will focus on the getting feedback from what was developed at that meeting.  We would welcome feedback on how things are going with the editorial phase at that time as well.  

Thank you, as always, for your continued support for our community, staff, Board, and kids! No one has an easy job, but they are better knowing we can work together to build a better future for all! 


Paper Survey Results at this time.

We have received 10 paper results from the current survey.  Following are their results. 

40% Addition

60% Do nothing

Hi All,
I have attached a graphic of the survey responses that have been received online at this point in time. We have additionally received paper copy surveys that will be tabulated and shared out either this afternoon or evening.

Please keep in mind that the survey was NOT an official vote to build, it was simply a "temperature check" on starting the conversation on facility planning. That is why there was not more shared prior to the meeting (although present in our board minutes since last year March), we had no solid information on what costs would be based on building needs to share.

Armour School District's responsibility is to educate and give options. The final decision, if and when it is appropriate to be addressed, happens in an official community vote that requires a 60% super majority.

Thank you

Senior Parent Night

February 18 - doubleheader in Armour vs Corsica-Stickney 

ethan game at the corn palace.

Our BB DH with Ethan @ Ethan has been moved to the Corn Palace on Friday, Feb. 21st.The Mitchell Kernels will practice until 5:15, so we are able to play only one JV game.Both coaches/ADs decided to eliminate the girls JV game.  The schedule for 2/21 in Mitchell will be:5:30 Boys JV with the Girl's varsity and Boy's varsity to follow.

ASD facility Survey

Please provide feedback on possible facility plans.


parental survey-return by Sunday for the chance to win a kindle fire!

Armour school district is conducting a Family Friendly Walkthrough on October 2nd to help us better serve our wonderful families.  Please take the survey attached below by Sunday, September 29th to help us collect a nice pool of feedback.  By returning either the paper survey in your child's backpack with last name on top(to cut off for drawing), or the electronic version here and on Facebook, your family will be entered for a chance to win a Kindle Fire! 

Please fill out one survey per family.

  If you fill out the electronic version, after completion, just comment on our Facebook page under the link-"did it" and you will be entered.

September is attendance awareness month!

This month we will be celebrating the FANTASTIC things that can happen when you show up and do your best!

Homecoming in Armour is scheduled for September 27, 2019. Coronation is set for Saturday, September 21, 2019 because of the schedule of events that week. 
Armour School District 21 - 1
Mission Statement: The Armour School District in partnership with the community, will provide each student the opportunity to develop intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially in a safe and orderly environment.