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6 hours ago

While further looking at our communication with community, we would like feedback on our current web page.
Thank you for your time and effort in providing feedback.

School Board Meeting Action Items

Good morning everyone! It sure is brisk out there this morning! 

Last night the Armour School Board had a special school board meeting to look at the survey data and discuss the feedback.  The only item of action taken was to set the next meeting date for a full community meeting. That date was set for March 23rd, at 7:00pm.  This meeting will again be held in the gym.  

Also from the meeting, because those that attended communicated that they felt unaware of the conversation prior to the community meeting, was to find ways to promote a more inclusive and interactive conversation with our community.  The newspaper articles were not read for the last year, so we are thinking from that feedback that we need to reach out in other ways.  In that light, we will be posting here, on Facebook, and also editorials in the paper weekly to help educate our citizens on different aspects of funding and such during this process.  Also, to lay out the structure of how to give feedback, we will be doing the next community meeting on the 23rd, and then will do another survey that will focus on the getting feedback from what was developed at that meeting.  We would welcome feedback on how things are going with the editorial phase at that time as well.  

Thank you, as always, for your continued support for our community, staff, Board, and kids! No one has an easy job, but they are better knowing we can work together to build a better future for all! 


Paper Survey Results at this time.

We have received 10 paper results from the current survey.  Following are their results. 

40% Addition

60% Do nothing

Hi All,
I have attached a graphic of the survey responses that have been received online at this point in time. We have additionally received paper copy surveys that will be tabulated and shared out either this afternoon or evening.

Please keep in mind that the survey was NOT an official vote to build, it was simply a "temperature check" on starting the conversation on facility planning. That is why there was not more shared prior to the meeting (although present in our board minutes since last year March), we had no solid information on what costs would be based on building needs to share.

Armour School District's responsibility is to educate and give options. The final decision, if and when it is appropriate to be addressed, happens in an official community vote that requires a 60% super majority.

Thank you

Senior Parent Night

February 18 - doubleheader in Armour vs Corsica-Stickney 

ethan game at the corn palace.

Our BB DH with Ethan @ Ethan has been moved to the Corn Palace on Friday, Feb. 21st.The Mitchell Kernels will practice until 5:15, so we are able to play only one JV game.Both coaches/ADs decided to eliminate the girls JV game.  The schedule for 2/21 in Mitchell will be:5:30 Boys JV with the Girl's varsity and Boy's varsity to follow.

ASD facility Survey

Please provide feedback on possible facility plans.


parental survey-return by Sunday for the chance to win a kindle fire!

Armour school district is conducting a Family Friendly Walkthrough on October 2nd to help us better serve our wonderful families.  Please take the survey attached below by Sunday, September 29th to help us collect a nice pool of feedback.  By returning either the paper survey in your child's backpack with last name on top(to cut off for drawing), or the electronic version here and on Facebook, your family will be entered for a chance to win a Kindle Fire! 

Please fill out one survey per family.

  If you fill out the electronic version, after completion, just comment on our Facebook page under the link-"did it" and you will be entered.

September is attendance awareness month!

This month we will be celebrating the FANTASTIC things that can happen when you show up and do your best!

Homecoming in Armour is scheduled for September 27, 2019. Coronation is set for Saturday, September 21, 2019 because of the schedule of events that week. 
Armour School District 21 - 1
Mission Statement: The Armour School District in partnership with the community, will provide each student the opportunity to develop intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially in a safe and orderly environment.