Return to In-Person Learning Plan and ARP Plan 21-22

The Armour School District is seeking feedback on the Return to In-Person Learning Plan and ARP Plan. If everything remains status quo, the school will open as normally as possible but will include additional mitigation efforts (i.e. social distancing where possible). The school board and administration are seeking your feedback on the proposed plan. Please refer to page 5 of the return to learn plan for our current Mask and Close Contact practices.  Please, review the plan and share your constructive feedback. The ARP plan is a plan on how to spend the money received by the district in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The COVID-19 Pandemic has affirmed that the school district and stakeholder partnership is the strongest when we are working together. We appreciate you taking the time to review the Return to In-Person Learning Plan and ARP plan.

Please direct any feedback or suggestions to Craig Holbeck

Thank You,

Craig Holbeck

ARP ESSER LEA Plan 2021 - 2022 - (Updated (10/25/21)

Return to School - Fall 2022 (Updated 8/11/22)