Scholarship List 2016-17

      All scholarship applications can be found on the table in the upstairs hallway in the high school building.     
      See Mr. Preheim for assistance.    
  USD Scholarship Deadline December 1, 2016    
  SDSU Scholarhip Deadline January 15, 2017    
  Black Hills State Priority Deadline January 15, 2017    
  Lake Area Tech Scholarship Deadline March 15, 2017    
  Mount Marty Scholarship Day January 26, 2017    
  Northern State University Scholarship Deadline March 1, 2017    
  Southeast Tech Scholarship Deadline April 1, 2017    
  Dakota State University Scholarship Deadline March 1, 2017    
  Dakota Wesleyan University Scholarship Days Feb 3 & 17, 2017    
  Opportunity Scholarship - May, 2017 with completed transcript    
  Build Dakota Scholarship   12/31/2016
    Must be entering a Tech School in SD and studying in a   
       high-need work force program.    
  Regental Merit Based Scholarship Programs    
    BHSU Buzz Bonus Scholarship    
    DSU DSU Champion Scholarship    
    NSU WolfPACT Scholarship    
    Mines Varies    
    SDSU Jackrabbit Guarantee     
    USD Coyote Commitment Scholarship    
Local Scholarships    
  WIA / Mary Werkmeister Memorial Number and Amount Vary 4/15/2017
    Open to all Armour HS graduates    
  Basin Electric/Douglas Electric $1,000 3/1/2016
    Parents must be a member of Douglas Electric    
    Based on GPA, leadership, etc.    
  Golden West Telephone $1,000 4/1/2016
    Must reside in Golden West (724) service area    
    AND subscribe to at least one of their services.    
    AHS has a packet that must be completed.    
        Based on ACT, academics, essay, etc.    
  Douglas County Conservation District 3) $500 late March
    Must be top 50% of class    
    Must be majoring in an agricultural-related field    
  Midstate Communications    
    Must reside in and be tele subscriber w/Midstate 11) $500 3/25/2016
    Apps in folder    
       (Apps can also be found at:  
  First State Bank   mid April
    Pick up and return at the bank.    
  Coca Cola Scholarship   April
  AHS Alumni Varies late April
    GPA of 2.8 or higher    
  Armour Teacher Association   April
  Loraine Theatre   ???
    Get form to and from Susan Lout    
State of South Dakota    
  SD Scholarships    
    Direct links to SD Dept of ED Scholarships    
        Dakota Corps    
        Jump Start    
        Critical Teaching Needs Scholarship    
        Ardell Bjugstad    
        Annis I. Fowler/Kaden    
        Haines Memorial    
  Dakota Corps Tuition 2/1/2016
    Based on ACT, GPA and high need areas    
  Opportunity Scholarship $1,000 End of Yr
    GPA 3.0, ACT 24, Adv. Curriculum  
  SD Critical Teaching Needs Scholarship Varies 4/17/2016
    Majoring in SPED, HS Math, Science or CTE Educ    
    Based on financial need    
  SD DAR Scholarship $500 late Feb
    Must be a direct descendant of a military veteran  
  Bellator Titans MC $500 late March
    Financial Need, Essay Question, Application    
  First National Bank South Dakota Varies April
    See Application or Email    
  SF Farmers Union Foundation Scholarship 3) $500 12/1/2015    
    Parents must be members of SD Farmers Union    
  Buche Foods Underdog Scholarship $1,000 4/1/2016
    Goes to student who has overcome obstacles in their life  
  SD Agri-Business Association Scholarship 3) $1000 late Feb
    Must be a member of Farmer's Alliance    
    Must be majoring in Agriculture field    
  SD Farmer's Union "Insuring a Brighter Tomorrow" 25) $1000 4/15/2016    
    Must be a member of SD Farmer's Union    
    OR  a policy holder in Farmer's Union Insurance    
    OR  participate in a SDHSAA sanctioned event    
  South Dakota Farm Bureau $1000 ea 3/15/2016
    Sr or parent must be a current member of SDFB for 2 years  
  South Dakota 4-H    
  Karst Memorial Scholarship 3) $500 3/31/2016
    SD Association of Conservation/Douglas Co Cons Dist    
    Must be top half of class    
    Must be entering an agricultural related field    
  BankWest Scholarship 15) $1500  
    Must be BankWest deposit account holder    
  First Dakota Bank Scholarship 16) $1000  
    Must have FirstChoice Checking Acct    
  Elks Nat'l Scholarship "Most Valuable" $100-$300 12/4/2015    
  ESA (Epsilon Sigma Alpha) Foundation $1,000 late Jan  
    Based on Community Service, Financial Need, and Scholarship
  Yankton College Scholarship Application    
    Must have a family member w/relationship to Yankton College
    Scholarship good for any accredited college Varies 2/19/2016    
  Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation Scholarships $250-$5000 March/April
    SFACF has over 50 different scholarships    
    See booklet for descriptions    
  Better Business Bureau Student of Integrity 3) $2000 3/11/2016     
    demonstrate humility, courage, compassion and respect  
  HyVee/Sanford Legends Scholarship 6) $1000 4/21/2016    
    Demonstrated high quality on and off athletic field  
  First National Bank Varies April
  Cutis Marvin Hohn Legacy $1,000 3/10/2016
    SD grad based on a list of characteristics    
    Preference is given to history, political sci, or water resources  
  SD Agri-Busines Association 3) $1000 late Feb
    SD grad majoring in agriculture - customer or employee of SDABA    
    Town must be member of SDATAT $500 & $1000 4/1/2017
    Fill out application and essay    
Institution Specific    
USD Scholarship Deadline December 1, 2015    
SDSU Scholarship Deadline January 15, 2016    
Black Hills State Priority Deadline February 15, 2016    
Lake Area Tech Scholarship Deadline April 1, 2016    
Mount Marty Scholarship Day February 28, 2016    
NSU Scholarship Deadline March 1, 2016    
Southeast Tech Scholarship Deadline April 1, 2016    
Mitchell Technical Institute Varies Varies
  Several Scholarships available.    
  Criteria varies.  Some is program specific.    
  You were sent an email with info and link.  Or:    
  Go to following link
Mitchell Area Manufacturers Association $500 10/9/2015
  Must attend MTI    
  Random Drawing from all applicants    
Mitchell Tech - Star Scholars $1000-$2000  
  Must have GPA 3.0 and ACT 24    
  Must attend MTI    
Mitchell Tech - Legacy $500-$1000 ongoing
  Parent, Grandparent, sibling must be MTI Alum    
  Must attend MTI    
  SD Engineering Society  several $2000 1/19/2016
    Attend SDSU or School of Mines    
    Based on test scores, transcripts, activities, and answers    
  Lake Area Technical    
    Critical Needs Workforce Scholarships $4,000  
    Must enroll in specific program   same time as admissions app    
Specific Organization/Membership/Characteristics    
  Richard Hagen-Minerva Harvey Memorial Scholarship $1000/year early March
    Must be enrolled member of an American Indian Tribe  
Specific Areas of Study    
SD Tech Institutes Critical Needs Workforce Scholarship up to $5000  
  Up to half of your tuition could be paid    
  Must major in a critical need program    
  Must agree to work in that occupation in SD for 3 yrs    
    Failure to do so or to complete the program    
    will change scholarship to a loan that must be repaid  
  Yankton Medical Clinic (4) $1000 mid March
    Must be pursuing a major in a medical field    
    Must have a 3.2 GPA    
  SD Engineering Society $2,000 mid January
    Attend SDSU or School of Mines    
    Based on test scores, transcripts, activities, and answers    
  CHS Foundation 100) $1000 4/1/2016
    Must plan to pursue an agriculture degree   4/1/2016    
        (Students pursuing STEM will be considered)    
  Horton Machine Tool Technology Scholarship up to $3500 May
    Must enroll in a Machine Tool Tech program    
  SD Society for Technology in Education Scholarship varies late March
    Must 2.5 GPA and majoring in Ed Tech or Informational Tech  
    See Mrs. Bitterman email for application    
National Scholarships    
  Horatio Alger Scholarship up to $22,000 October
    See flyer or go to:  
    GPA 2.0, critical financial need, other characteristics  
  Burger King Varies December
  B. Davis Scholarship $1,000 5/23/2016
    Based on written essay    
  Abbot & Fenner $1,000 June
    Written Essay    
  Best Buy    
    1,100 scholarships of $1000 each $1,000 February
    grades, community service and/or work experience    
  Buick Achievers Scholarship Program  1000) $2,000 late Feb
    4-yr college - focus on engineering, tech design    
      or business, with an interest in the auto industry    
  GE-Reagon Foundation Scholarship Program up to $10000 early January
  State Farm Good Neighbor Scholarship   early March
    GPA between 2.5 and 3.2     
    Based on leadership, volunteerism, financial need  
  iHELP Scholarship and iPad Drawing 5) $1000 3/31/2016
    Random Drawing of SD applicants