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2017 Track Renovation

burnell glanzer relays!

Weather willing, we will be hosting the first track meet on the new track facility April 5th, duly named the Burnell Glanzer Relays.  The Armour School Board in collaboration with past Superintendent Burnell Glanzer worked hard to ensure that the school and community would have a safe and secure track surface to exercise on.  The community members and alumni from Armour are what made it a reality.  Thank you to all who donated time, energy, and finances toward this project! Your continued dedication to ensuring that Armour community benefits from top-notch facilities and educational opportunities make Armour a great place to be! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Thank you to all the made the track renovation a possibility! it could not have happened without you!

Workers Needed

Thursday, September 7 @ 5:00 pm and Saturday, September 9 @ 8:00 am - Please bring rakes and shovels.

Trucks dumping asphalt for the new track. 

Asphalt comes to Armour! 

For anyone traveling through town last week, the Knife River trucks began what looked like a parade of asphalt heading to the track! The excitement rises as a new base of gravel and additional four inches of asphalt coat the track surface.  

Mrs. Powell

It is all starting to come together!

With all of the asphalt placed, the track is sprucing up and coming together nicely.  Although not the finish line for the track, this new base is sure to keep the facility in tip-top shape for years to come.  There are still many steps before the track is complete, but the progress made at this point could not have happened without the dedication and hard-work of Armour community members.  A special thank you to all that you do to make our community a better place!

Mrs. Powell

Picture of the track


As you may or may not know, the Armour School Board and Administration have been searching for ways to rebuild the track and field complex at the Armentrout Field. It is the last project that I personally would like to facilitate for the students, school, and community of Armour. It was once the nicest facility, for a school our size, in the area. Since then it has deteriorated into being unusable for meets, dangerous for practices, and even walking or jogging by the community. Time has taken its toll and the school budget always had higher priorities. New additional insulation, heating-cooling systems in the gym and entire grade school, new roof on grade school complex and gym, new bus fleet and bus barn to protect that investment, were just a few things that needed the available funds for student safety and comfort. As my retirement drew near, I put extra effort into finding the funding necessary to enable this project to become a reality. I was shown a possible competitive grant through Wellmark Insurance that I decided to write. It was a lengthy and rigorous application but with data and support from various community entities, we finished the application and to our joy, were notified that we had been awarded the maximum amount available, a $75,000 matching grant. This start made the project seem possible and with the blessing of the school board, I started to contact other entities to see if some additional funding could be secured, thus easing the burden on our taxpayers and school. We have had additional success and the board entrusted me to proceed so the project is now a reality. Work begins this spring and should be finished during the summer and early fall. The project is extensive as the track drainage and base all need to be replaced. The retaining wall separating the grandstand track also needs work. A "Track Project" committee was formed and met. Other meetings will follow. Their ideas and help are crucial. Since some of the funds raised are "matching grants" additional fund raising will be necessary. Following this explanation will be a spreadsheet that shows every penny raised so far and from what source. Many other Armour entities and businesses have told us they would contribute but have not confirmed the actual amounts yet. When community and alumni fundraising starts, this spreadsheet will be updated as funds come in and be available on the Armour School Website. The total need is $300,000 to $350,000. We have a good start but your help is needed. At the all-school reunion 6 years ago and last year, some donations were received and are in the track project account. The Wellmark Grant gave us the "big boost" needed to show us this could be done. The grant stressed community use of the track for walking, jogging, and fitness as well as school use. The benefits of a resilient rubberized surface to ease the stress on joints and muscles of athletes and community members alike, were part of this grant as well. Our committee will hold another meeting shortly to decide how best to proceed to finish the project. As I stated before, we have verbal commitments from a number of entities and school funds are not yet included in this total. I estimate that a $75,000-$100,000 from community and alumni would be needed to complete the funding. Watch the school website( for updates, news, and progress towards the goal. Consider making a donation. If it helps you, we can even spread donations over, up to, 3 years. All donations are tax deductible and we can give you documentation of your gift. There will be a link to the Armour Alumni site where you can make a donation with a couple of clicks. Make sure you tell us if you wish to keep your donation anonymous and we can do that as well, otherwise your name and amount will be listed on the spreadsheet. The committee is considering a plaque commemorating your gift at different levels for posting at the track entrance. More on that will be on the school website in the future. 


Burnell Glanzer, Supt:(retired) Project Coordinator

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